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Access control system is a physical system which is designed to control who has access to particular area. The most simple example of a physical access control system is a door which can be locked, limiting people to one side of the door or the other.

In some cases, physical access control systems are integrated with electronic ones. For example, a door may be unlocked with a swipe card, an RFID keyfob, or through biometric means. A card access control system is one of the most common types of electronic door control, using a card with a magnetic stripe which can be swiped through a reader on the door. Hotels often use this system, which can be used to make temporary room keys.


Innovative and effective access control systems are the cored business has been developed. We are committed to bringing you secure, robust and aesthetically pleasing products. Varying security needs call for a range of products - from simple single-door solutions to enterprise-wide systems with open-format design and interoperable capabilities. MAGARITA provides seamless access control systems and door entry solutions, assuring the installer and their customers that the system parts are totally compatible.

Smart Access Control System

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